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Neem is a fresh four piece Gold Coast band that have one main goal in mind, which is to create music that can inspire anyone and everyone that take the time to listen. With their lively retro overtones Neem play a mixture of folk, pop with a hit of rock and after only one year of performing together, Neem have created a captivating sound that has attracted thousands of fans to admire their innovative and soulful songwriting. With this being said their live act is just as charismatic and upbeat, it awakens the audience to their solid beats and melodic sound. Introducing the band we have Sally, Nim, Rick and Nathan. We've got Sally's earthy timeless voice, Nim's soulful sound and unbeatable guitar hooks, Rick kicking it on the bass and Nathan's tasty drum beats. With these four combined they will have your feet tapping, your heart racing and you begging for more.