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Melbourne, VIC

Tash Sultana is a talented and captivating young multi-instrumentalist from Melbourne who has already built up a passionate following from years of open mic nights, busking and home video recordings. We're stoked to be featuring her all this week.

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Tell us about your music. How did you develop your sound?
I developed my sound and am forever developing my sound by being inspired by different aspects of my life and compiling it together with knowledge of sound and different instruments. Creating music has no limitation.
What’s your greatest source of inspiration for making music?
Emotion, I think that's the centre of all creation.
What can punters expect from a Tash Sultana live show?
A hell of a lot of energy from one tiny little person.
What’s the best advice you’ve been given and who was it from?
To forever remain loyal to your gut instinct - my dad told me that 
What Australian track would you play to cheer up someone who was crying?
Chet Faker - Terms and Conditions
What Australian track would you play to someone to make them cry?
Mia Dyson- Jesse
You’re the DJ at a party. The dance floor is pumping. What Australian track do you put on next?
So Soldier - #1 Dads
What was the last local gig you went to? How was it?
The last local show I went to was a dude who busks around Melbourne called Reuben Stone. This guy can literally do and create anything all by live looping. He's a huge part of my motivation.
Tell us about the bands or people in the Melbourne music community that inspire you.
There's a few who I've met around over the years who've become some of my really good friends and I suppose we just push each other to work really hard and further inspire each other to be better musicians. Lyall Moloney, Reuben Stone, Josh Cashman to name a few.
What are your plans for the rest of 2016?
Got some pretty crazy plans for the rest of the year - taking things overseas. Kind of all seems a bit surreal to be honest.

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Indie, Rock (#Alternative #rock)

Melbourne, VIC


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Melbourne, VIC

Melbourne singer Meg Mac is one of the winners of our Falls Festival competition and will be playing the festival in Lorne this NYE. She has a huge voice, huge tracks and a huge future ahead of her.

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Tell us about your music - how did you develop your sound?

I have been singing for a long time and like most people, I learned to sing by copying and trying to sound like other singers. I didn't work out my own thing really until I started writing, with no reference for my unsung songs I was forced to create a sound. But you can definitely hear all my influences I think and I love that they're always changing and so is my voice and writing. Growing up I listened to lots of soul thanks to my Dad, my Mum sings Irish folk songs and I was obsessed with pop of course. I like big voices and a bit of that drama - the ones that sing because they have to or they would die sort of thing, like Edith Piaf.

You’re the Victorian winner of our Falls Festival competition and will be playing the festival in Lorne at the end of the year. What can Falls punters expect from the Meg Mac live show?

I will be playing on New Years Eve and I am going to sing my little heart out. I play with two boys, a drummer and keys player and my little sister sings backing for me, it's pretty cute and she sounds just like me. Expect some electronic elements, big piano sounds, hand claps and lots of singing by me. We have new songs which we are going to play and help everyone get ready for the big day of music ahead and hopefully Meg Mac can help people feel ready to take on the new year.

What are you most looking forward to about the festival?

This is my favourite thing to happen to me all year and I still read the lineup every day just to give me that special feeling. Apart from actually playing, which is what I am definitely most looking forward to, it is all of the other bands and artists that are playing. Getting to watch all of their sets and then just the whole festival vibe, the camping, the photos, the people, the bands, the NYE thing - it is just guaranteed good times. And Solange.

What’s your earliest memory of performing music? How old were you?

I first started proper singing (singing lessons etc) when I was nine and once I discovered that I had a big voice, I could not get enough of Vanessa Amorosi…please don't judge me. 'Absolutely Everybody' was my favourite.

What else is coming up for you in 2013 and then looking into 2014?

I've got a few gigs coming up before the big Falls, that's what I call it now. On the 29th November I am supporting Georgia Fair at Howler in Melbourne. My 2014 is shaping up to be a pretty good year so far, it looks like my first album will be on its way! And I am looking forward to more stuff happening to me, and some more songs to happen to me too.

Australian music is…?

A lot of the time I will listen to music and not know/care where it comes from, but it is pretty awesome when I know something is Australian and suddenly I feel a little bit proud? It is weird, like I am suddenly connected to the music because the artist is Aussie just like me and my dreams become a little more achievable.

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