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Verse Chorus Verse (VCV) is a boutique musical company established in 2006 at Bendigo, Victoria, Australia by Shann Lions (Four Lions, Lever & Lions). VCV operations are split between director Shann Lions with business partner Keith Macqueen (Four Lions, The Bridesmaid) in Bendigo and Label Manager Lynette Walker whom is based at St.Kilda, Victoria, Australia. The purpose of VCV is to manage all aspects of an artists development ie: artist agent/management/media including releasing their music. VCV recently teamed up with Footstomp Music whom will taking the lead on promoting Four Lions forthcoming album "Hard Days". "Hard Days" is being released in May, 2019 preceding singles "How Much" Feb 1 and "Stay" April 1. Other local goldfield regions acts involved with VCV on a hand shake deal include Lever & Lions and The Bridesmaid.