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HANNAKA ​ Hannaka is an impetuous, diverse, free and brave artist. Her roots are Australian, but her scope is universal. To see her perform is to beckons at your heart, where you really are. She will open up herself, look you in the eye and ask you to trust her because she is trusting you. Her songs are full of the raw, are representations of her connection to land and sea, are the navigation of hope and the declaration of FREEDOM.  Making art from this conviction, Hannaka finished her Bachelor of Music in vocal Jazz in 2014. Known for her shapeshifter qualities, she is a singer/songwriter, composer, sound-artist, poet, graphic designer, installation and performance artist, curator and painter. Deftly employing a servitude to art that infects feeling into her audiences. She transmutes the means of that communication into whatever form is most poignant, with its most insistent voice, be it in music, visual arts or movement.  Since graduating, she set out on a journey she thought would be 3 months, now has turned into 2 years travelling the world and playing music. You can still buy the music of Hannaka's 2 EP’s, ‘The Colour of War.’ and the other, a collaboration for her experimental vocal project, The Feather Collector, titled ‘Ereshkigal.’ Recently on the tail-end of recording a debut album, amidst giving birth to her first child, Hannaka will be releasing Ay-Ya-Ha, the first single to her new album 'To Eat the Sun,' in September 2018. Hannaka has a unique passion and courage to explore realms through her work that are the ‘silenced’ discourses of our existence, drawing on themes of wildness, madness, transcendence, awe, loss and unbridled sorrow and feeling. She has an inquiry that is unrelenting and a fragility that combines talent with unbridled vulnerability.