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My name is Ryan Munro and originally begun playing classical guitar, i attended the conservatorium of music where i learnt to also play double bass and improved my singing. i left there after a few years and joined a local high school where i discovered in could write my own songs with what i had learnt threw classical guitar, i also realized could sing ok and than feel in love with writing music. threw high school i had a rock band which had its own triumphs but didnt stay together. After attending jmc Academy i had joined another band this time more metal and rock, never playing guitar just lead singing. But my passion always lied in my own song writing and alternative style music. With influences like Jeff Buckley john Butler as some of my fav. I have always had a go at rapping to, but don't think its my greatest ability. So at thirty years old i feel my music has finally found its feet with a mix of alternative classical guitar, with some Jeff Buckley high notes the odd rap verse and a few rock screams i think i found my comfort zone. My name is Ryan Munro and i hope one day i can make you feel the same as my favorite artists did and do, cheers.