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Wilhelm Riech's Orgone: Jonathon Page on Guitar / Songwriter. Dave Stevenson - Drums - miscellaneous / Co Songwriter. Lucas Allen Keyboards - Hammond Organ / Songwriter. Wilhelm Reich's Orgone is a three Piece From Canberra A.C.T Australia's National Capital Territory Wilhelm Reich's Orgone; Three friends that meet in high school, some even earlier and kept a close mutual relationship later in life. Forming in 2012 as a group who simply just enjoyed each others company and music in it's diversity… Jonathon is continuing the project by himself with help from some members from other local bands but is looking for more permanent members to replace Dave Stevenson and Lucas Allen after the members came to the agreement of going their own ways and fulfilling their prior commitments. 'WRO' is looking for some like minded musicians keen to learn or offer their skills? So if your interested you can bug 'Jon Page' via Facebook Message at the "WRO's" Facebook page