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Synthetic and Organic Pop music made by former and existing members of Cannon, Rebel Yell, Manhunt and Bloodletter. Following a Demo debut at the end of 2014, playing a diverse range of shows in 2015 and releasing their EP Cassette through Canberra's Moon Town records, 100% hold no stops in dynamism and power. "100% craft a savagely icy form of rhythmic and futuristic dance music that could have been drawn from soundtracks of retro sci-fi films. Cool, calm and confident, 100% have come forth with a demo and a cassette release in a five month span. Eager to get the figurative ball rolling, the trio of Lena Molnar, Chloe Baxter and Grace Stevenson are wasting no time in carving a groove with their throbbing-yet-ethereal pulsing. Driving beats and creative synth work provide the foundation for the celestial vocals that are at all times forceful and melodic and foreboding and unrelenting." - weirdo wasteland https://www.facebook.com/onehundredpercentau onehundredpercentau.bandcamp.com