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The Kite String Tangle

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Brisbane, QLD

The Kite String Tangle is the experimental solo project of alternative electronic artist Danny Harley. He's one of the winners of our Falls Festival competition and will be taking his warm ethereal beats and striking vocals to the Falls stage in Byron Bay.

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Tell us about your music - how did you develop your sound?

'The Kite String Tangle' originally started with me just making some ambient music with no drums and no vocals. Stuff to sleep to. Since then though I've been writing all sorts of stuff and I guess I've sort of found a home in down tempo electronic music.

You’re one of the winners of our Falls Festival competition. What can Falls punters in Byron expect from The Kite String Tangle live show?

It's going to be me up on stage playing a bunch of different samplers, keyboards and pads and singing. Kind of a similar set up to TEED, Elizabeth Rose, Robert Delong or Oliver Tank.

What are you most looking forward to about the festival?

CAMPING! I haven't been camping since last summer. It's been way too long.

What are your plans for The Kite String Tangle in 2014?

I'm releasing my debut EP in February or early March and then probably doing another tour and possibly heading over to SXSW. There's a lot of really cool things in the pipeline for TKST next year but I can't mention them just yet....but I'm so excited.

If you had to make one new years resolution, what would it be?

Hmmmm....I really want to knuckle down and focus on making music a viable career path for me. I think that'll be my New Years resolution :-)

Australian music is…?

…in the eye of the world at the moment. So many other places are looking to Australia to see what comes out of it next. It's a musical gold mine right now.

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