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Bringing his unique style of Australian Bush Ballads, Americana and Blues, is Brisbane based singer-songwriter Jordan Merrick. Jordan’s interest in music started from the young age of 12 where he found an old acoustic guitar of his sisters. He attempted to play songs he enjoyed which founded a passion for it. In 2015 the young singer-songwriter began to develop his live show where he lived in the Gold Coast, Queensland. Once Merrick moved to Brisbane in 2016 his thirst for a bigger sound and company on the stage was quenched when he formed his band, Fugitive & The Vagabond. In mid 2016 Fugitive & The Vagabond released their debut album, ‘Novella’ that featured the light-humoured and upbeat single ‘My Girlfriend’ - ultimately showing how Jordan Merrick has a wide range of songwriting capabilities. His talent was recognised in 2016 at the Gold Coast Music Festival when he was nominated for young ‘Songwriter of the Year’ and the song ‘The Wild’ also nominated for ‘Song of the Year’. While writing and performing for Fugitive & The Vagabond will continue, 2017 will see Jordan Merrick return as solo performer with the release of his debut single ‘Untitled #1’ (February) and EP later in the year. The EP is self portrait of the singer-songwriter and as stated by Merrick, “a long time in the making”, but it has meant that Merrick can release the tracks that mean the most to him.
Daisy & The White Jacket


Review by J. Merrick J. Merrick

18 May 2020


Cracking song. Musically awesome but has a real maturity to the lyrics.

Cracking song. Musically awesome but has a real maturity to the lyrics.