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The enigmatic Alex Elbery writes songs that are both fancifully abstract and deeply intimate. Drawing from a long tradition of folk and pop music while adding a truly unique touch, he paints word pictures that inspire ethereal images while the rawness of his vocals cut through to the struggles and triumphs we all face every day. Having shared stages with the likes of Kim Salmon, Nai Palm, The Commitments, San Cisco, The Middle East and The Bedroom Philosopher in past projects Stereoflower and as one half of Mulder (with Owen Rabbit,) Alex has gained a wealth of experience in his brief 24 years. The Strangers are a 7 piece band from Melbourne. They gather from diverse walks of life and musical background spanning jazz, hip hop, folk and rock. Their sound is drawn from a deep and rich well of broad musical influence that culminates in something akin to if Kermit the Frog were to step in for the Boss and front the E-Street Band. Their live show is theatrical and honed while maintaining an explosive quantity of raw energy and spontaneity.



I don't care what my friends in $10 think, this is a priceless jam.

I don't care what my friends in $10 think, this is a priceless jam.