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HEARTATTRACKS is the project of independent Naarm based QPOC producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Alexandre Dubois, whose sound often incorporates elements of pop, downtempo electronica, experimental sound design and glitch-hop. In February 2021, HEARTATTRACKS released his debut album 'Gravity Call', a culmination of tracks constructed over the last two years, incorporating a mix of guitar, vocals, keys, violin, trumpet and experimental sound design. From the stripped back confessional lyricism in 'Monkey On My Back' to the beat-driven pop-ballad 'Angel Money', the atmospheric instrumental 'Myth of Er' or the avant-garde closing track 'Cycle 25', Gravity Call is stylistically varied and deeply personal. Prior to his album release, Alex has been consistent in his creative output and has seen him release a 7-track instrumental EP entitled 'Cut Holes & Sink 'Em', perform at Gaytimes Festival at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort and featured on 'Mutants Mixtape VOL 2: Riot' with his track 'Pillar'- a non-for-profit community mixtape established through Arca's discord community. Subsequently, he was invited as one of 6 guest editors for the following mixtape, with all proceeds going towards NARF (Native American Rights Fund). HEARTATTRACKS has also released a number of singles, including a rendition of PJ Harvey's 'Rid Of Me', 420/20 Vision, and 'Equal' - his contribution towards "UFORIA Sonography_Strona", a collaborative release through Lake District Records (IT).