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Rising through the ranks of misogynistic posers and aggression filled lyricists spitting out the same old tired lines of pulling bitches and making money, Pinnacle are well and truly at the forefront of the fresh blend of hip-hop and lo-fi artists coming out of Australia. Appealing to all ages with their distinctly intelligent, mature and conscious rhymes, the two young and energetic emcees JaX and Spenser entertains a fun and light-hearted style, drawing parallels to that of a young Fresh Prince of Bel Air and created out the duo’s long time dedication to the hip-hop arform. . North-Eastern suburbs (born and raised), the duo spend less time in the playground and more and more time in the studio – keenly developing their production skills and music knowledge of the hip-hop art form, firmly focused on constructing a scene of their own. Following the release of their debut EP Pinnacult (March 2016), and their subsequent mixtape Sounds Of The South Sun (August 2016), the hardworking duo are currently working on their third project (title TBA) out towards the end of 2017. With their uniquely upbeat attitude, and cleverly constructed verses – keep an ear out for the Pinnacle boys as they take to their throne and explore the paths less wandered in the Australian urban scene.