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Voodoo In Blue are a five-piece outfit mastering the balance of old and new. The music is an ode to their roots and influences of the great bands of the late 60s, and washed with respect of the ‘foundation blues’, uniquely fueled with their own new age sounds. The song writing is dynamic yet aware, the music is melodic yet edgy, the band is wild yet defined. The band members are lifelong friends, and their intuitive respect for one another’s musicianship shines through, weaving together the backline of crafted songs with abundant harmonies and layered lyrics. With an impressive backlog of almost 100 songs, hardened by tireless gigging and tours across Western Australia and the western USA, the band is now launching a series of EPs that are set to be a defining moment in the evolution and reinvention of rock. The band built their own recording studio – dubbed ‘The Voodoo Lounge’ – and the place is fast becoming part of local folklore. Each song has been crafted, recorded, mixed, engineered and mastered by the band themselves – in their own studio! A recent review: “Voodoo in Blue is one of the most interesting and understatedly accomplished bands we’ve heard in a long while. Listening to this EP is like discovering a new food or taste and whilst you can put a finger on some of the components the freshness and indefinability of the whole dish is what draws you in not the detail or the care in preparation, it’s the combination of the ingredients that make this ‘umami rock’ a taste you’ll want to come back to.” (Review by The Rockpit). The band has several tracks currently streaming on the majors. Come and hear the real thing…