favourite genres
  • Dance
  • Hip Hop


It became just something to do at 10 years old writing music. Music quickly became something more, I gained passion for art of music, but never done anything about it, until years later. at the age of 16 I started reaching out to people about my music and finally got a shot in 2013 where I was able to perform in front of hundreds of people. I walked out on the stage and that's how it started ! In such a short time I have been fortunate to open up shows for artists such as JUSTICE CREW, SEAN KINGSTON, TIMOMATIC, In 2017 I competed in competition called Coast2Coast (R&B Hip Hop version of X Factor) in Melbourne where I placed 6th out of 200000 across Australia and was able to meet so many more talented Artist, that year I also released my first Album RISE FROM THE ASHES through my own independent record label A.O.N Entertainment and since I’ve released 3 other albums NO LIMITS, SEAT AT THE TABLE & SAME SHIT DIFFERENT DAY, I hope that you can all support me on this wild journey


Everybody Fuckin’ Dance!!


Review of Everybody Fuckin’ Dance!! by EATO EATO

08 Mar 2021