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Benny Sinclair a Hip Hop musician from Melbourne with a unique sound, fusing rap, soul, reggae & Latin. Benny raps, sings & is formerly a professional boxer and currently runs his own boxing studio where he combines his passion for boxing with his music. Originally a member of the Melbourne based Hip Hop trio Bouncer, Benny Sinclair released his debut solo album in September 2017 ‘The Impeccable Word’. The album featured popular songs & videos such as How We Do, Vices & Hipster Chick. Benny now brings you the soon to be released album ‘Don’t Take It Personal’. His latest instalment is the second of four albums which are all loosely themed on Bennys life adaptation to the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. The 10 track album features a number of catchy songs including the first single ‘Fly Away’ which reflects on freedom & moving through difficult times. ‘Mitote’ not letting negative thoughts cloud your mind & ‘Chemistry’ natural attraction & no expectations. Benny is a hard working yet spiritual musician & has performed live at several venues throughout Melbourne in 2017/18, he is currently working on new music towards his next album whilst waiting on the official release of ‘Dont Take It Personal’. All links to his music can be found on his website www.bennysinclair.com