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Good things never usually come of a substance-fuelled night out, but then this four-piece rock n’ roll band wouldn’t be the same without its shady past. THE VELVET ADDICTION’s debut single “Take Me Back” is a sweaty, hip shaking track reminiscent of both late 70s New York glam and classic Aussie rock, but it’s a sound that’s uniquely their own. And once heard, isn’t easily forgotten. AARON BACH was introduced to STEFAN WEST in the murky blur of a local Melbourne bar and the party continued on back at WEST’S Prahran share house. It didn’t take long before BACH had sniffed out an old guitar and WEST had produced his lyric book… and there in the early hours of that Sunday morning THE VELVET ADDICTION was conceived. BACH’s childhood home wasn’t a stable one – a violent old man, a stint in an orphanage and a single Mum who worked around the clock to drag her kids out of hell, music was the only constant. The lead guitarist hit it off with singer WEST after discovering a shared addictive past, with the obsessive lyricist once slumping into the depths of a terrifying dependence that nearly took complete control. It makes sense then that a lanky, cigarette-rolling bass player from a broken home would join this delinquent troupe. LUKAS HARRIS used to sell BACH his ripped, crotch-tight jeans and the two would shoot the shit for hours over their almost identical musical pasts and their frustrations with former band members’ apathy. So imagine what it was like for short haired, private school boy KIERAN HOWLE being initiated into this motley crew? The first night these three delinquents took the drummer out on the town, they didn’t know what hit them. Their boozy new friend was a shoo-in. It was from the rubble of family violence, broken homes and way too much of a good thing that THE VELVET ADDICTION rose. The formation of this nostalgic, sweat dripping, leather ripping band is proof that Rock n’ Roll can shake life back into an ugly soul.