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Sydney DJ, producer and vocalist KLP mixes up an intoxicating blend of club beats and polished pop hooks. She is the winner of our Field Day competition and will be opening The Island stage of the festival on New Years Day in The Domain, Sydney.

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Tell us about your music - how did you develop your sound?

I think the main thing that stands out with my sound are my vocals and the many layers of melodies and harmonies I put in tracks. That's something I've been doing ever since I was young so I suppose that element has been a long time in the making. I love love harmonies.

You’re the winner of our Field Day competition and will be playing the fest on New Years Day in Sydney. What can the crowd at Field Day expect from the KLP live show?

It's pretty upbeat and all electronic. I have a drummer playing an electronic kit and I'll be singing loads and triggering a bunch of samples. I'll also be debuting some visuals which have been made especially for Field Day.

What are you most looking forward to about the festival?

Besides my set (which i am incredibly excited about) I'm really looking forward to seeing Solange and London Grammer.

What are your plans for KLP in 2014?

I have so much already planned it's crazy. A bunch of new solo tunes and a tonne of collabs.

If you had to make one new years resolution, what would it be?

To take more time out to chiiiilllll.

Australian music is…?

…sooo hot right now.

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