favourite genres
  • Hip Hop
  • Indie


Australian born Natalie Green, aka Natalie Ambrose is a pop singer and songwriter whose debut single “Transition”, produced by Jeremy Fowler of New Empire, gained national airplay on community and Christian radio stations over the summer of 2017 - 2018. Natalie draws on her influences with Kpop, Pop, Soul and RnB, and of course threads lyrics through personal experiences. When asked about how she approaches songwriting, Natalie insists “Sometimes songs just write themselves but they need a little refining and direction. I really enjoy throwing something raw on paper and then refining it until I’m satisfied”. Natalie’s last show “Dear True Heart” at The Butterfly Club provided for an intimate evening of song and recitation to her fanbase, following a story of letters to a past lover, demonstrating her partiality to dramatic, creative expression. Self-taught on the keyboard, and with a B.Mus under her belt, Natalie expands her skills in songwriting by immersing herself in her favourite music - Some of her favourite artists include James Arthur, Crush, Eric Nam and Taylor Swift. In the last few years Natalie is finding that she is partial to extensions “especially Major 9 chords”. Natalie also likes to test out her new songs to her housemates cat Gilo.