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DIABETIC is a young, up and coming 20 year old rapper/poetic lyricist from the small town of Pinjarra, Western Australia. Predominantly an Old Skool / Boom Bap artist that works with a diverse selection of genres and non conventional styles as a club Emcee such as Drum and Bass, Dubstep and deep house. His modern party style with his unique spin on the movement of Re-installing traditional hip hop into the current scene gives a new and exciting shape to the Boom Bap, Traditional Hip Hop and Australian Hip Hop communities and their scenes. DIABETIC's songs of focus speak of positive perspectives on overcoming and achieving against the odds of hardship and mental illnesses. With an upbeat boom bap tempo and his never give up attitude DIABETIC has made a voice among his community and he won't stop until the world has heard what he has to say.