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Musicians, artists and performers ACAXIA, of Melbourne, are a collaborative outfit creating refreshingly uncontrived productions – a kaleidoscopic mixture of digital and acoustic tones. ACAXIA’s remarkable tracks have their cornerstone in live instrumentation: keys, flutes, kalimbas and steel drums are ever-present in their music, with the duo endeavoring to harness more natural elements of sound via the frequent use of Indigenous instruments - including native didgeridoos, clapping sticks and singing bowls. This, they combine with looped vocals, lending their work a human touch and keen emotional sensibility. The resulting sound is off-the-grid and foreign, yet at once warm and organic. There’s an earthliness present in ACAXIA’s music-making approach - the outfit’s namesake Acacia pycnantha refers to the iconic Australian wildflower otherwise known as the golden wattle, that flowers in abundance in ACAXIA’s hometown – and is reflective of the artists’ shared appreciation for natural elements. The act’s mesmeric re-working of electronic and native sounds denotes their output with a sense of beauty, ritual, and reverence, driven by the artists’ deep appreciation of indigenous music, and its ceremonial use across different cultures. This sense of ritual that imbues their music also comes together with the artists’ appreciation for music as a therapeutic device – emotions and experience inform ACAXIA’s creative process first and foremost. The outfit are uniquely tuned into the impact of frequency and vibration on the psyche; the way certain tones and instruments affect one’s mood and being. The Shaman EP showcases ACAXIA’s approach to music-making; a vibrant, rich and magisterial manifestation of electronic music, an intricate and engaging composition that heightens ones sense of connection. The EP refers to the ultimate freedom and complete submission to the unknown. In our hyper-connected age, the conscious-sonic alignment of The Shaman EP with the natural world gives ACAXIA’s music a distinctive edge. ACAXIA presents: Barunga - Together (Official video) - https://youtu.be/xwPhhr_fjag http://www.acaxiamusic.com
Attila Mora



12 Feb 2018