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Unearthed artists I'm following:


Trevor Bryan Cotton was involved in the Perth music scene for more than 25 years, mostly as a drummer and producer. After playing a bedrock role in bands such as The Community Chest, Blac Blocs and Emperors he struck out with his solo album, recorded the old way onto a Studer 2", 24-track machine. The 'Electric Spanish' LP is all warm and fuzzy - valves, drums, guitars, vintage keys and tape compression. With Melbourne as his new home he's still collaborating with his friend of three decades - Dion - who forms the other half of FroHawk, whom you'll also find on Unearthed. They have a new EP out any day now, mastered by international legend Kevin Metcalfe (Underworld, Dolly Parton, Supergrass, The Cure).