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Based in Perth, Western Australia, Alex Parkman is a young, up and coming Hip-Hop turned Pop and Dance artist. 
 As a Zimbabwean born immigrant, Alex moved to Australia as a kid over 13 years ago. He wasted no time and through the strength of his ear catching sound, found himself featured on Platforms such as Pilerats, Elevator, MTV Australia and Beats 1 Radio. 
 With the young rappers reach continually growing, he received a co-sign from Adam22, the face of the-popular North American based media outlet, ‘No Jumper’. Shortly after, Alex’s music video was also named, MTV Australia / New Zealand's ‘Upload of the Week’. 
 This was followed up with him receiving a wave of support from online magazines, digital stores and landing national airplay on Triple J. With festival nods and national tour supports under his belt, it is clear that the young West-Australian, is on the rise.