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  • Electronic
  • Hip Hop


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The main reason I make music is often to come to terms with something that is on my mind and this outlet just comes becomes a way I'm able to comeprehend what exaclty is going on without speaking to people directly. I've always seen myself as a creative person who loves to express himself whether that be through photography or fashion but i just feel like im able to really best describe myself truly as a person through music. I am not certainly influenced by any one individual in particular but i feel like when i do take influences from artists I take small snippets of their presence and then redevelop there vibe in my own unique way to create with my lo-fi sound. I only started singing at the beginning of this year and just produce music for fun with my mate in my bedroom, turning our cupboard into home made studios. Honestly we don't expect anything to come from the music but I feel i need to create music to let other people know I've been where there at right now and as much as a situation can seem shit at the time, in time you heal from the experience and move on. https://soundcloud.com/yungdaddyx