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Ceara is a singer-songwriter and artist-performer from Sydney’s Hills District. With music from contemporary to pop-rock and electro-pop, with melodic riffs, Ceara has a large vocal range that is both powerful and soulful, with unique tones, deep undertones, and a prominent vibrato. Among her vocal influences are powerful female artists such as Sia, Lady Gaga, and Florence and the Machine, with the addition of Coldplay who inspires her music composition and writing. She has a love and appreciation for all music genres and artists. “Amazing! what a unique voice … Love it!” “… such a good thing! So nice …” Dean Lewis, Australian singer-songwriter (Nov 2017). Since receiving her first keyboard at 15, and writing her first song at 16, Ceara continued to write new and original songs, and now has a large portfolio of personal work. Inspired by the life experiences around her, her music is inspirational, with meaningful lyrics and a profound message, often about love and hope, overcoming hardships in life, being powerful as an individual, and believing in oneself. As a relatively new artist, Ceara began planning in late 2017 to make her music accessible, and focused more on refining and perfecting her original music, and creating and promoting her online awareness and social media presence, so her songs can be available to those interested in listening. She is currently promoting and making her music available, and continues to create and explore her solo work while also exploring collaborations with other musicians and artists. It would fulfil her aspiration to have her music available so people can hear the expression of what she loves to do, and hopefully to bring pleasure and joy into the lives of those who listen.