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I am just a man exploring the things that make me the happiest, a producer from a little piece of the earth called Melbourne. Experimenting with sounds to create music that makes you feel something. Something enough to want to move. Controlled by the passion that runs through every nook and every stress beaten hole in my body. It's not all I am, but it's most of it. Here stands a music soul that rides the rhythmic cosmos of the one thing humanity can be proud of...Music From house music of the 90s to the dance tunes of the current environment, and through to everyone's secret fave genre, Pop music, it's all where my heart is found. I can also transition one song to another seamlessly for your dancing pleasure.


Review by Venet Stone Venet Stone

31 May 2018


Loved it. Beautifully put together.

Loved it. Beautifully put together.