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Mic Hardwick grew up in the sleepy burbs’ of Roseville, a loving son and a “good” boy, who taught Sunday school in a beige 3 piece suit, and stuck to the agreed upon family script. Then he converted, and like Jimmy Hendrix, made music his religion: picking up his first guitar and his first girlfriend at the same time. The combination of curves, acoustics, and materials that hummed when stroked, proved addictive. Now with body and soul awake, thoroughly disillusioned with the paradigm he had been moulded for, and scathing about organized religion, he dropped out of Engineering, joined a Rock Band, and married the girlfriend. Don McLean asked, “Can music save your mortal soul?” – to which Michael yelled “yes”. Although his parents might not have agreed with his choices, today he’s still married to De, still playing guitar and has built a soulful life, encompassing family, song and the crafting of sounds. Hardwick is a Singer/Songwriter and producer, a creator, a seeker, who remains a passionately spiritual individualist. Initially a young man who fiercely believed he could change the world through song! Mic’s lyrics have evolved from that early idealism and now embody the experience of loss, love, madness and pleasure. Age may have bounced him off his soapbox but finds him no less vocal about the need for global action and mutual self-interest, just less of a “Mad Monk”! His voice has a raw emotional authenticity, and a vocal clarity reminiscent of David Byrne and Nick Cave. Hardwick songs are not light Pop, never intended to be background music, and not simply products, they’re part of a movement, they demand attention. His intention is to present songs of substance woven in the abstract language of vibration for all who hear and feel.