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  • Electronic
  • Hip Hop


Crazy group of Sydney characters writing some music for the people of the world. Indie/alternative based garage rock! In a love of good times and rock and roll, the Majors answered the call to JAYUM when the city's nightlife took a diabolical turn for the worst. They knew there was only one thing left for them to do. Put together a band of some of the craziest cunnies the North Shore could stomach! First there was Matty (Major Sharpe) who joined the fold after meeting the band down the pub under a pile of schooeys. Then came Dirty Red, bringing the cut-throat sparkle the Majors didn't know we needed. Over 2017, they worked every Sunday as if it was church. Forging doctrines of rock and roll that would be revered as gospel by punters for years to come. After releasing their first demo "Yeah/nah" on Soundcloud, the boys set off and began gigging at any place in Sydney that still had a bit of life left. After a shock departure of one of the members, they could only move forward. Dirty Red pulled out his phone and called Ten Men Ken, (Kentaro) the pillar of bass and funk that got him and Dirty Red through their HSC and the only man for the job. They continue to jam, laugh and perfect their style until the scene simply folds to their bidding. Now after all that - How's it going cunny? We are BIXIE MAJOR and we got somethin to show ya.