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Louis Libran is a powerhouse electro-pop alternative singer-songwriter and producer, born and raised in the western suburbs of Sydney. Combining his early musical influence of classic rock anthems with heavy and dark synths, restricted minimalistic pop structures and electronic sounds, Louis Libran often uses self-empowerment, personal experiences and politics as a basis for his lyrical choices. Libran often draws inspiration from the likes of Lady Gaga, Die Antwoord, Korn and Frank Ocean. Since 2011, Libran has been song-writing, composing and producing from his bedroom, all while being a self-taught guitarist, bassist and pianist. Playing bass and singing backing vocals since 2016 for the grunge-alternative band The Violet Stones, he has written music and recorded in the studio for their first full-length album, named 'Exordium'. Starting a tertiary education in a Bachelor of Music, Libran discovered that his passion lied within music production and dropped out of university to kickstart his career within the music industry. Throughout his teenage years until now, Libran procured drama and performance skills that have undoubtedly strengthened his ability to feel comfortable and confident on the big stage. In his downtime, Libran is a vocal coach and tutors students at two music schools in Sydney's west, helping them find their voice and uncover their full potential. The solo artist is working towards pursuing his vision and dream of producing a unique and niche sound within the mainstream music scene, making it clear that he will not stop at anything. Libran wants to commit to his art to the fullest, all while being true to himself and to his music.