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It’s been a big few years for Valentina Brave who released her first single I Met A Man in November 2018 and debuted her EP Wildflower in 2019. Pilerats premiered the EP stating “Valentina Brave steps forward as an artist carrying the same emotive connection to her music as Florence + The Machine’. Wildflower was added to Double J Rotation and the single scored a top five spot on AMRAP’s Regional Music Chart. Valentina Brave emerged onto the alt-indie scene after sharing a self-recording of an original song on YouTube, showcasing her expressive, delicate tone and relatable storytelling ability through the simplicity of guitar and vocals. She went on to perform Backing Vocals for the likes of NGAIIRE and Dallas Frasca, as well as a Blues Fest Main Stage feature with Michael Franti and Jackson Browne. Since then, her genre defying sound has massively evolved into the release of incredible anthemic ballads with a vintage soul influence. Her previous EP, “Wildflower”, a cathartic release portraying what happens when you let your wounds speak, was written from a small remote community within a time of immense self growth and reflection. The resulting music is as profoundly intimate and moving as her story is compelling.   Brave’s music is pure cathartic release, a soulful cinematic portrayal of what happens when you let your wounds speak, of what grows from the human condition. Brave’s otherworldly voice offers up every part of her self in every note she sings, in every word she shares, emerging as one of the countries most stirring singer songwriters right now. An exposed raw performer, she taps the vein of our shared experiences. True artistry and an unforgettable experience. Following her beautiful debut EP, Brave delivers another impassioned anthem. Her new single This Place Your Soul is a breathtaking and powerful track with deep roots in soul and storytelling. Co-written with senior singerman Victor Rostron of the Dalabon peoples in Arnhem Land, and produced by Aria nominated artist Danielle Caruana (Mama Kin), This Place Your Soul is a heart-felt reflection on First Nation peoples connection and spiritual relationship with country.