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Vaneese is a singer-songwriter who has called Gold Coast, Australia home for over a decade. The songstress grew up in a household mixed with a love of show tunes and hip hop, and just like her name, Vaneese’s indie pop brings an element of uniqueness. Vaneese’s first single 'Goddess' sets the tone for her career as an indie pop artist with this strong sultry debut. Collaborating with understated producers Simon Moro and Phil Turcio, who between them have produced, mixed and played with a variety of successful international artists, Vaneese was able to bring her song to life. Goddess builds upon the power of a divine connection, riding high upon the dance sensibilities of its production Vaneese exudes a transcendent air of renewed self-confidence. It is with this bold entrance to the exultant realms of pop that Vaneese offers her debut that is filled with sexuality, power and letting go of all inhibitions.
Chase Zera


Review by Vaneese Vaneese

01 Mar 2019


I love this track!

I love this track!