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Gorilla Orchestra are a 4-piece Indie Rock band from Melbourne, Australia. The band was founded in July 2018, by bassist Brent Morrison, and co-founded by guitarist Anthony Georgiou. They met singer/songwriter James Hall, and then recruited drummer Nick Hardy to complete the lineup. They all set off to record their debut single 'You' at Big Sky Audio, ran by Producer and Engineer Neil Grey. 'You' was released on March 4th, and the band launched the single at The Workers Club the very next night, to a filled room of friends and family of the band. The next few months the band was on the grind with regular shows, playing venues like Whole Lotta Love Bar supporting Adelaide band Indiago on their AUS run, & The Evelyn Hotel supporting The Chris Commerford Band, with young and upcoming artist Bridget Allan. They've all been working quietly away on new material, with their sophomore single "Light Me Up" to be released in November, 2019!