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Hailing from the North Island of New Zealand as a teen growing up in Orange NSW Australia surrounded by the scene of 90s and early 2000 hip hop and Rap music. The 1st CD he received was for his 13th birthday which was from New Zealand Rapper Scribe, that later started the manifestation of what we know today as Tr4p Wolf. alongside influences from Atlantic Rapper Russ and the new style of American trap rap, his modern twist of hip hop alongside RnB creates a new generation of rap making waves in the underground hip hop scene, creating music with catchy melodic hooks backed up by solid Bars and witty word play creating a new style of Rap!! contact @ e-mail: p_huts@windowslive.com @ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0z7ododsZrRgkRGtsIkOWZ @instagram https://www.instagram.com/tr4p_wolf/