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Kristofer Dommin has declared his Americana Invasion! Born and raised in Los Angeles, California and now residing in Australia, the crooner is venturing out and harkening back to the birth of rock ‘n’ roll. Kristofer first made a name for himself fronting his own dark rock band as a label artist in the USA. Touring the world and playing large international festivals, he learned both the ups and the downs of the industry. Disillusioned by his experiences, Kristofer left everyone and everything he knew for a new life and a fresh start in Australia. But it wasn’t long before the music bug was gnawing at him from within. “I learned that music and writing songs isn’t just something I do. It’s who I am.” Kristofer recruited upright bassist Dale Berends, guitarist Danny Lowrie and drummer Jot Garrott, all young, seasoned locals active in the Brisbane live scene. “it’s really getting back to the basics of where American Rock ‘n’ Roll started when the lines between Country, Blues and Rock were not so defined.” Touting inspirations like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison, Kristofer’s newest single “No Destination,” represents a healthy blend of “The King” and “The Man In Black” from their earlier days. The song expresses the sentiment that it’s the journey, not the destination that truly matters when you’re with someone you love. Kristofer Dommin’s latest single entitled “No Destination” will be released on May 3rd on digital streaming and download services worldwide. Catch show dates around Australia by visiting www.kristoferdommin.com