Death By Denim

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Death By Denim

Perth, WA

This week on triple j Unearthed you'll be hearing from WA legends and this week's feature artist, Death By Denim.

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Tell us about your music. How did you develop your sound?

We all come from quite different musical backgrounds and we love to mash up all of those into one big melting pot of sound. Whether its classic 80s Australian rock, to Britpop, to the Perth Psych scene and Hip Hop. There are really no limits to what we will consider putting into a track and we love to play around with different styles. It’s no coincidence that we struggle to define our genre at times. When recording it’s basically anything goes. If someone wants a robot in the track, a robot will be produced and its place in the track thereby evaluated.

What’s your greatest source of inspiration for making music?

I think music has played a very important role in all of our lives as we have grown up and it’s amazing that we get to share that emotional connection as a band. Personal experiences always come into play for songwriting inspiration. We’ve made songs about a family break up, Tattoos, mental health, after parties, cigarettes and honey -  anything really. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but at the same time we have definitely built up a confidence to explore deeper emotions in our tunes.

What can punters expect from a Death By Denim live show?

A Big Party. We want everyone to come to a gig, feel safe and just forget about their problems for a few hours. When we are on stage, we are free from all of our anxieties and can just be doing what we love to do and hopefully that resonates with people. Also, a lot of average banter by Nik and George.  

What’s the best advice you’ve been given and who was it from?

A frequent piece of advice has been to work hard and keep pushing. Making and performing music is something we all love to do and we have developed quite a strong work ethic in the band as a result. Whether it is songwriting, performing, or organizing the next 6 months – we are always working on something. I think this mindset has been really important when it comes to writing. It can be easy to forget about this when other things seem more important or urgent. In the long run it really takes the pressure off the music if you already have a bunch of exciting ideas to work on when it comes time to produce that next track.

What Australian track would you play to cheer up someone who was crying?

'Elephant' by Tame Impala.

What Australian track would you play to someone to make them cry?

'If You Were My Hero' by Asha Jefferies.

You’re the DJ at a party. The dance floor is pumping. What Australian track do you put on next?

'Need You Tonight' by INXS

What was the last local gig you went to? How was it?

We all went to Wooly Mammoth’s final ever show and it was amazing. Was pretty sad to see those boys finish the band as we’ve become pretty close with them over the years, but they all have other things in the pipeline that we are very excited about!

Tell us about the bands or people in the WA music community that inspire you.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets come straight to mind who are really inspiring us at the moment. Working so bloody hard and have achieving so much – it has been an amazing journey to watch. Riley Pearce, Spacey Jane, Dulcie, Great Gable, Keeley Connelly - all the artists that are flying the WA flag with so much pride inspire us to be able to do the same. I could list another 20 bands, WA music is just the best. Whether it’s a group that has been together for a few years or one who has just formed – you never know when you are going to be blown away by at a local gig. Fresh on the scene Material World Orchestra recently supported us and had some incredible synthy vibes – I think we were all listening and silently taking notes. Francis Foxx is also one to watch with an amazing energy on stage. The list goes on and on.

What are your plans for 2019?

Planning to release either an E.P or a full length album in October/November which we are currently working on at Debaser studios with Andy Lawson. We will be heading out on our biggest tour run at the end of the year in support. Basically we will be working very hard but making sure we have the best of fun too. It’s a very exciting time for sure.

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Indie, Pop, Rock

Perth, WA

Angie McMahon

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Angie McMahon

Melbourne, VIC

Melbourne singer-songwriter, Angie McMahon oozes absolute charm and songwriting power. Soak up her bold vocals and beautiful guitar tones with her debut track ‘Slow Mover’.

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Tell us about your music. How did you develop your sound? 

I’ve been writing songs at home on piano and guitar since I was an emotional lil teen, inspired by a whole bunch of different songwriters. I think I developed my sound by copying what my idols did on their albums, vocalists who would pour energy and emotion into their delivery, bands who weave soul and rock and country music together and artists who write great melodies and lyrics. I was always just trying to copy that.


What's your greatest source of inspiration for making music?

Probably listening to great songs by other people. I’ll be trying to process feelings and listen to music, and sometimes that will unlock something in my head and make me want to write my own song.


What can punters expect from an Angie McMahon live show?

Pop songs with a bit of rock, a bit of sad and a bit of happy.  You can also expect, two talented boys behind me with a lot of rockstar energy on drums and bass guitar, my noisy red child (guitar) and me singing lyrics that I hope people can connect with.


What's the best advice you've been given and who was it from?

Hard to say…”Make music that sounds like you,” is good advice, and maybe when Dad told me to buy an electric guitar.


What Australian track would you play to cheer up someone who was crying? 

Big Smoke – 'Best of You' - because it’s so triumphant.


What Australian track would you play to make someone cry?

Cry songs are the best ones!!! Oh Pep!’s song ‘Tea, Milk & Honey’ makes me cry if I’m feeling fragile. The lyrics feel like somebody’s hugging you and telling you to let it all out. Last time I openly cried at a gig was over Seavera’s song ‘Christmas Time’ but I’m not sure if that one’s recorded. 


You're a DJ at a party. The dance floor is pumping. What Australian track do you put on next? 

Bardot – 'Poison'. Sophie Monk’s reappearance has reminded me that this badass banger exists. 


What was the last local gig you went to and who was it?

BABY BLUE and Truly Holy at Some Velvet Morning were awesome.


Tell us about the bands or people in the Melbourne music community that inspire you. 

I find most of the community super inspiring, I could list a whole bunch of artists who I feel really lucky to hear and bond with. Artists like Oh Pep!, Big Smoke and Ainslie Wills are brilliant and brave artists. They have all made records and played gigs that have made such a strong impression on me, as musicians and as people to look up to.


What are your plans for the rest of the year and in 2018?

Recording the songs that will be on my record next year and taking the time to make that sound real good. My single launch is at Workers Club this week, and I’m also supporting The Shins with my band in December, Wahoo! 

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