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Lost Atsuki is a 15 y/o producer/vocalist from Lansing, MI who gained success for producing for the likes of artist just as Triple777, Xanakin Skywok and Xovenganza! His first breakout hit was “Saynoxo! a collaborative single with Australian vocalist/producer Xovenganza which released on February 11, 2020. The song gained success throughout the underground and was a big hit throughout Australia. In recent time he's released multiple singles and Eps under the Distrokid label. "When The Roses Fall, Blood Rises", along with his "DEADHILLS" EP which released on August 26, 2020 are a few of the projects he worked on throughout 2019/2020 which helped him gain a spot on the YouTube channel "VeryRareVault" including songs such as "MYKENZITUCKEDUP!" and "BLADETUCK". In October he collaborated with producer Fidi and California artists Triple777 & Xanakin Skywok for the single "FURSHURE" which released on October 26, it now has over 23k streams on Soundcloud and over 15k streams on Spotify. In a interview with "UNDERGROUNDSBIRTHRADIO" he gave insight on what future plans and goals he was thriving to achieve in the new year. "What I've been able to do during this pandemic is absolutely nuts. I didn't expect to gain placements. I think in the new year my plan is to continue to focus on my production/artistry and create music that shocks the entire world before I pass away."