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  • Electronic
  • Hip Hop


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At just 18-years-old, PRAX’s upbringing in the often-overlooked suburbs of Brisbane saw him inspired by his mother to learn how to play music and sing, which later turned into busking at the age of just nine. Since, he has turned music into his passion, working to build his talents which have developed without professional training. Even a brief listen to PRAX’s work makes it evident his hardships have pushed him to create art that reflects his own life in a manner that’s as brutal as it is beautiful. Having drawn inspiration from the likes of The Weeknd and Frank Ocean in his first release, LATELY, PRAX has begun to experiment with friend and equally talented producer Kieran Fergusson for his upcoming release, RAW. The result of PRAX and Fergusson’s collaboration is a hard-hitting, gritty production forming the basis for PRAX to utilise his voice in a way that is sure to inspire fond bewilderment. In performance, PRAX creates an energy that is both intimate, but seemingly bigger than the room itself – something that can’t quite be explained as anything but mesmerising. RAW will be released March 13th and is the next step in PRAX’s development as an artist, a course that’s already well-developed behind the scenes.