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KHAYA's second single 'While You're Asleep' is out now! KHAYA are a Rock-Roots-HipHop band from Fremantle, WA. Their songs reflect on personal battles, love, loss, mental illness and the struggle for identity. KHAYA have shared stages with acts such as Stella Donnelly, Axe Girl, Edie Green & Old Blood. KHAYA formed when singer Kozo Mkhwanazi , the son of a South African anti-apartheid fighter, abandoned his life in Pretoria (SA), and turned up on childhood friend guitarist Lincoln Ward’s doorstep. Lincoln, the godson of Grateful Dead soundman Owsley “Bear” Stanley, took Kozo up to the Kimberley, where they spent months writing songs and living out of the back of Lincoln’s van. The KHAYA family has since grown to include Brendan Polain (Yokohomos, Cattle Class, Flame Trees), Joey Touma and Nicky Mitrione (Jaju Choir).