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Music has the ability to interlace its way through our minds and spark our imaginations. As we grow older, we can tend to lose this child-like ability to dream and create in unique and authentic ways. MOZË is my playful and curious edge that allows me to stay connected to this side of myself. She helps me find clarity through writing lyrics and puzzling them into expressive harmonies, in the hope of making a difference in a moment of someone else’s time. MOZE is a Melbourne based singer and electronic producer. Migrating from England at age 7, Zoe (MOZE) has been exploring the world of music for as long as she can recall. She spent her schooling developing her composition skills before delving into the world of electronic production at The Victorian College of The Arts in her tertiary years. As a result, Zoe’s musical dialogue is incredibly diverse. She draws on this assortment of genres to inform her artistic output, producing works adjacent to that of her biggest musical inspirers; Lianne La Havis, Jorja Smith, Eliott, Florence and The Machine and London Grammar to name a few. Her sound is built from soft, delicate textures with contrasting elements of distortion and friction. She approaches song writing with similar polarity, both embracing and manipulating classic pop qualities to best communicate her thought-provoking lyrics. Zoe has channeled her artistic energy into several bands over past years. She has released two EP’s with her flagship indi-rock band, Zoe and The Milkmen, and is now gearing up to channel her energy into MOZË. As MOZË, Zoe has performed with inspiring Australian artists including Woodes, Yung Billy Davis and YerGurl. Throughout her career, she has endeavoured to captivate and excite listeners with her powerful voice, rich with soulful expressiveness. In essence, she hopes to encapsulate a community of listeners that escape into her world and resonate with her stories.