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  • Electronic
  • Hip Hop


Unearthed artists I'm following:


Atomics is a 17 year old musical artist, song writer and vocal engineer based in Adelaide, Australia. His library of music consists of unique blends of genres such as Pop, Hyper-pop, Hip Hop, Pop Rock, Pop Punk ETC. Since starting to make music roughly one and a half years ago Atomics has continually experimented with his sound, lyrics and vocal mixes and persistently brings something new with every track. He usually brings a sad presence within his lyrics, talking about Heartbreak, loneliness, anguish, love and anxiety. He states his musical influences as artists such as Oliver Francis, Glaive, Blink 182, Lil Lotus, Brakence & More. Instagram - Atomics04 Twitter - Atomics04 Youtube - Atomics