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  • Hip Hop
  • Indie


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Ebony Ruth, a Brisbane/Australian based singer-songwriter, brings a sexy soulful edge to an urban R&B sound. Singing from a young age of 4 years old, Ebony’s style is heavily influenced by the late 90’s and early 2000s era. “That's some voice that Ebony wields. Power and soul that's about to put someone on blast.” - Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J Unearthed. Taking inspiration from the likes of Alicia Keys, Destiny’s Child and Craig David; her music is uniquely complemented by her unmistakable tone and lyrical impressionism. “The first time I heard this song I was mesmerized by the vocals… her voice is something else. It’s a smooth 90’s infused RNB anthem that oozes soul and genuine coolness. What’s not to love? It’s absolutely impossible not to move your entire body to this stellar track.” - The Hoist, SYN FM. Ebony Ruth teamed up with Max Mitchell to produce her debut 6-track EP ‘Beautiful Destruction’. In 2020, she independently released her first track from the EP, ‘Calling My Name’ which garnered 20K views and streams. Following this with her sophomore track ‘Pretty Little Thang’, a silky-smooth R&B pop vibe, in collaboration with artist MAWiE garnering over 37.5K views and streams. The pair teamed up for a COVID sold out double headline show at the Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage in Brisbane. Beautiful Destruction is set for release in March 2021. Ebony takes you on a deep, vulnerable journey through her real-life experiences. Each track is individually unique, while anchored to her authentic style. Prepare to get lost in the raw, powerful emotion blazing through her art; as Ebony takes you on a deep, vulnerable journey through her real-life heartache.