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Sydney, Australia’s Josh Orange, a folk-rock group with just a dollop of Dublin, Ireland in lead singer and songwriter Gordon Burke. The line-up rounded out by our gifted guitarist and vocalist Andrew Wass, drummer Alex Miller’s powerful driving force and currently Gavin Perkins is driving the bass guitar. We recently released the second single from our forth coming album “Midnight Lights” due Feb 2021. I Will Follow You entered the Australian Amrap Metro charts at the number 1 position, the first time the band has ever had a number 1 of any kind. The track was released on September 18 2020 and we are very excited about it’s upcoming journey. Written about the LAND and the traditions that farming the land can bring, both good and bad. The song was inspired by Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh’s poem “Stony Grey Soil”. Recent single Little Miss America has given the band a strong foundation to build on, charting for seven weeks between June, July & August 2020 on Amrap Community Radio top 10. LMA received its first Double J & Triple J plays in November 2020. As Burke tells it, Little Miss America came about after he spent a night in Kris Kristofferson’s old Nashville apartment during a trip to the US late in 2018. “I couldn’t sleep. I’m in this tiny one-bedroom apartment with all kinds of guitars on the wall, and I’m going through the pictures painted by Kris in his song Sunday Morning Coming Down… the closet, the bathroom, the walk down to the street. The vibe in the place was just electric, and I spent the night writing the song. I finished the lyric in New York after having breakfast in the West Side Avenue diner Miss America. The waitress in the diner very much inspired the lyric. I hope she forgives my never getting to ask her name. The experience was incredibly powerful.” JO already have several albums under their collective belt and are proud to have won a rock category prize in 2015’s The Great American Song Contest. We love what we do, we are a gang of brothers that are all fighting for the same goal - great songs. The live show is where we shine the most: it's unpredictable, it's always a huge buzz and we look forward to taking the new album on to a stage soon. We are very excited to be releasing new music, we have had some great adventures making this bunch of songs and we hope it translates. Much love to you all. Check out the video to Little Miss America here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfSgVDGiYSY&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR2tc1In2fQmj5nSImttFVXARQXRoYbQiyEb96SovLh3Ra-rD-t2aEPsdQc JO