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From the Illawarra Mercury (Jodie Minus) At just 15, Rhyan Clapham has written a rap anthem that is inspiring disaffected youth in Warilla.With its rousing chorus and passionate lyrics it also encourages teenagers to overcome their disadvantage and frustrations and set a better example for the youth of the future.A self-professed Marvin Gaye and Bee Gees fan, Rhyan - who has studied piano for seven years and trained at the Wollongong Conservatorium of Music for three years - decided to start writing rap songs about a year ago.Posting over 40 home recordings on to his MySpace page - under the pseudonym Dobby - he attracted a handful of listeners.It wasn't until he wrote 2528, that hits to his website sky-rocketed.The suburban anthem features lines such as "Represent Warilla gunna put 'em on the map, once I'm startin' something challengin' I never turn back'' and "Show 'em all we're makin' up a new life, new face, representin' players from the 2528''.Since the song was posted, more than 12,000 people have visited his site and watched the video clip for 2528, which features teenage street fight scenes from around Australia.The clip could easily be mistaken for just another foolish mobile phone recording of a fight posted on YouTube, except that the song is polished, poetic and professional and Rhyan is adamant he used the clip to spread an anti-violence message."I am very much against that sort of thing, I really am, it's one of the things that I hate with a passion, to see that sort of thing being posted on YouTube for fun,'' Rhyan said."It is not funny at all because there is a lot of pain and anger through that, so I thought I will take that pain and anger and use it in a song like this and give it a whole new meaning."Part of Rhyan's success is that he writes from the heart and from experience. He sees the daily violence in the suburb around him and is not afraid to speak up about it.To hear Rhyan's music, visit www.myspace.com/popcorndobby.


Pain of Regret - Izzy ft. Z...


Review by Rhyan Clapham Rhyan Clapham

23 Apr 2017


Such a soulful catchy tune! Love this!!

Such a soulful catchy tune! Love this!!