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Known for his versatility and ease in different styles of music Faint One has been the go to DJ for any and all of South Australia’s happening parties. Growing up being heavily influenced by hip-hop and turntablsim has led to technically exceptional sets to both listen to and watch. With 10 years of DJing under his belt he wasn’t settled for just being know as a club DJ. These past two years have seen him go from strength to strength as a nationally recognised producer too. After touring Australia with the Hilltop Hoods in 2014 and playing a string of national and international shows in 2015 and 2016 the year that followed saw a growth in the output of his production as work for his debut album “Actualisations” began. With the success of the stand out single “Lost” and another album well on its way Faint One has since refocused his energy on DJing and performance, incorporating his own production and edits into his sets. This is not something that, having the opportunity you ever want to miss.