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Yes Sir Noceur is a 4-piece band rocking & residing on the sunny shores of Queensland’s Gold Coast. The band has just come off recording their 1st self-titled EP and is ready to saturate the Australian market and beyond with their low vocal register, high-surf sound. With the second half of their name deriving from the French term “noceur” (meaning reveller or, one who stays up late), Yes Sir Noceur embrace all that is after dark. The band is composed of 2 Gold Coast born-and-bred brothers, along with 2 expats from Canada, all of whom share a mutual goal to create and share original music that bridges genre gaps. Their surf infused, sometimes psychedelic approach to songwriting appeals to the masses yet stays true to their uncompromised rock sound that at times could be compared to the likes of The Doors. With bright lights ahead, and pure adulterated momentum behind them, Yes Sir Noceur are now embarking on expansion of their reach from the local, to the national arena.
Tyran Hall


Reviewed by Marc Cowie Marc Cowie

09 Dec 2010


Sick tune dude!

Sick tune dude!